Exhibit and Trade Show Display

Ridgecrest Conference Center is an event space in Western North Carolina that hosts meetings, retreats, and conferences up to more than 700 guests. When it comes to expos and trade show displays, a booth or kiosk needs to stand out from the crowd. When Ridgecrest attends event planner meetings, they need to quickly convey the site’s features.


I designed a booth display with a more defined focus on branding. The designs I produced took into account all exhibit materials, I also designed. From the marketing literature on the table to the trade show banner, I implemented an eye-catching design with imagery that showcases the conference center’s variety of key offerings.


Note: Whenever I create designs for exhibit displays, I make sure that they can be reproduced on cloth, vinyl, and other banner materials. Contact me to discuss your trade show display needs.


Trade Show Display - Ridgecrest 2018 Front