Custom Website Design - Precision Graphics

Logically, after I design brochures, business cards, and other marketing materials, I need to print them. Precision Graphics, Incorporated has been based in Western North Carolina since 1998, and I use their printing services regularly.

Visit after visit, Precision Graphics became familiar with my graphic design work. They appreciated my work so much that they invited me to design and build their website.

As a customer, I’m keenly aware of what their target audience needs. I knew right away what could help, but I also proposed ways of streamlining orders so that Precision Graphics’ in-house staff could have a faster turnaround and process more orders. A win-win for them and their customers!


  1. I designed a layout that quickly highlighted Precision Graphics’ products and services. Not just a print company, the site needed to convey engraving, embroidery, promotional products, and other services to attract new customers and clearly show returning customers all their options.
  2. I know how important it is to deliver design files. When designing their website, I made sure that Precision Graphics could simply tell their customers to upload their file on the site. Not only that, the upload option is on the home page, so customers don’t need a special link or get lost wandering a site map. They can send their file easily 24/7.
  3. Some site owners need a site that they don’t have to update regularly. I implemented an on-page Facebook to give their site a fresh and current ‘look.’