Event Website Design - The Well Reunion

Event website design is a unique process that I enjoy. The audience for these types of sites is highly transactional. They need to get in, get out, and trust that they can come back and easily find event details.A college ministry based in Eastern Tennessee contacted me in need of a special event website. The ministry, The Well, had their 20th reunion to celebrate.


  1. I designed a simple scrollable home page that immediately showed users the event dates, location, fee and important details for their 20-year reunion. The site had approximately 2,000 views after registration opened.
  2. The Well needed a user-friendly and secure registration process, plus they had merchandise available for pre-order. My design allowed for easy on-site registration, plus e-commerce capability so that advance t-shirt orders could be processed. I also integrated an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, which is a cryptographic protocol that provided a layer of security for registrations.
  3. To help The Well communicate with event attendees, I created an easy form that collected comprehensive contact details during registration.
  4. In an effort to drive donations, I added an on-site donation option and implemented a donation prompt in the registration process that only activated if the system detected the user had not yet made a donation.
Event Website Design -The Well 20th Anniversary Reunion