WNG Portfolio


Volunteer in Fellowship Kids

A short recruitment video for Fellowship Asheville Kids. 

Role: Shot & Edited.

Ridgecrest Onboarding Video

Video to send to new employees. 

Role: Shot & Edited.

A Ridgecrest Love Story

Video of couple that met on staff at Ridgecrest.

Role: Shot & Edited.

The Depends on Me

Video intended to get team members to think about new vision statement and their role in fulfilling the vision.

Role: Shot & Edited.

Green Screen Videos

Clips of green screen video.
Full Videos:
Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Role: Shot & Edited all videos.

Coffee Upgrade

Short clip video to introduce upgraded coffee in hotel rooms.

Role: Shot & Edited.

Ridgecrest Promo Video

Video to promote Ridgecrest at an event planners event.

Role: Shot & Edited.

What are you learning at RCC?

Man on the street video of  youth on campus talking about what they are learning this week.

Role: Shot & Edited.

Graphic Design

Summer Camps
Magazine Ads
Conference Center
Social Media

Problem Solving


Goal: Design a digital menu that can edited by a non-designer while keeping the integrity of the design and being cost effective. 

Solution: Use Google Slides to display the digital menu for customers that imports menu items through Google Sheets.

Process: It all started with a question. Can Google sheets control content on Google slides like it does a database for a website? I started researching to find the answer to this question. The short answer is yes, but, it’s not that simple.

What I found was no one was doing it for the purpose of a menu, with this many items being controlled. I like to collaborate on projects and sought out the advice of the business manager who uses Google Sheets every day. He showed me a Google Script snippet that creates text boxes in Google Slides. This discovery allowed me to label them with a sensible name instead of a randomly generated name, which made it much easier to write a script to target those text boxes.

User Friendly: Before writing the code for the final product I sketched out my design and created it in InDesign. Knowing exactly what the end product would look like helped me achieve a great user experience for the editor. Before writing the code, I placed the content in the Google Sheet matching it to the location it would be on menu. This would allow a shift leader to quickly edit a menu item because they would already be familiar with what the menu looks like. 


Conference Center